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My Mission...

It makes me so sad that women can sit around for hours talking about the things they hate about themselves.

It makes me sad because women are INSANE! They are strong, brave, beautiful, clever and funny.
And yet the media and society have conditioned us that whatever we do is not good enough, and I’m calling bullshit.

I want to help women realise they can dress however they want to dress, eat whatever they want to eat and be whoever they want to be! To have the confidence to do those things and love themselves enough that no one else's opinions matter so that they can build the life they want to of their dreams.

It's my mission to help women lift their confidence sky high and to love themselves fiercely.


Self love & confidence

you can live the life of your



I want to tell you a little bit about me - my story & how I got here.

I suffered with low self esteem for as long as I can remember, which created anxiety.


I worried about everything. I worried about my weight, I worried about whether my boyfriend was going to leave me, I worried about work and I worried that my friends didn’t like me.


I even had anxiety about my anxiety. Does that sound familiar?

3 years ago, my anxiety was raging, my body image was terrible, I had no idea what self love even was (let alone how to achieve it), I was stuck in a never ending cycle of diet after diet, in a dead end relationship & had zero confidence. 

I snapped. I couldn't keep going round in circles. So I took myself off on my very first retreat and it changed my life. 

I came back different and I continued to do the work I had started and it's something I continue every day.

Now I want to share with all of you what I've learnt because I want every woman on the planet to feel worthy, loveable & confident!

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